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Multi-Dimensional Sound Technology


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With our unique sound technology, you can create, deliver, control and listen to sound as never before

Individual audio elements physically move around you throughout the multi-dimensional acoustic space, allowing you to become totally immersed in the soundscape.

This is a psychoacoustic journey that enables you to experience unprecedented depth, movement and detail of sound.

INTORNO is a multidimensional soundscape for people to discover, an infinite canvas where artists draw on their new musical journey.

Sounds will physically move around and above your head generating amazing psychoacoustic effects.

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Advanced installations for real 3D sound

INTORNO designs multi-channel installations that integrate acoustic and performing space in a new way.

Our designs are fully customizable to any location and work with all professional loudspeakers.

For the first time, immersive sound is an accessible and scalable innovation for live applications.

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Dome Series

Dome Series


The standard for a complete experience.

Authentic full-3D reproduction with enhanced sense of envelopment thanks to ceiling channels positioned on multiple rings.

Available with 21, 24 or 32+ channels.

Orbit Series

Orbit Series


The essential for immersive sound.

Simple and exciting 3D reproduction with also a 2D version for basic applications.

Available with 8 and 16 channels in both 2D and 3D versions.

Cage Series

Cage Series


A subtle variation for a wide range of applications.

Full-3D response in typical rectangular layout with "flat ceiling" configuration.

Available with 24, 28 or 30+ channels.

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A revolutionary instrument

INTORNO has developed a groundbreaking Space–Performing–Controller for artists to use with our installations.

Create overwhelming effects on the fly and control sounds individually with ease and accuracy.

Its innovative multitouch user interface, literally gives the feeling of “playing the space” with your hands.

Our Services

We provide our technology and design services primarily to event organizers and we work closely with live performing artists to elevate their music to a whole new dimension.

Depending on the type of event, we present different options from our portfolio, take on designated artists or develop specific content upon request.


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C/ BOLIVIA, 340 - LOCAL 29
T. +34 693 460646


Our studio is part of an industrial complex located in Barcelona’s renowed “22@ Innovation District”.

It’s a facility where people come to discover our technology and where artists prepare their performances with the support of our technicians.

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